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Choose the right size


Choose the right size

Have you decided to buy a product from our exclusive collection of dog baskets, dog cushions, dog beds, dog collars or other dog accessories? Then you are assured that you have a product that is beautifully designed and of excellent and durable quality. Of course, it would be regrettable if the size of the product is not right and therefore would not fit your dog. The correct size is therefore essential, especially with dog collars (not too large, but also not too small) and dog baskets (should not be too small).

If the size is incorrect, you can always return the product, but to avoid disappointment, we always recommend you to measure your dog before ordering one of our products. The measurements S, M, L and XL sometimes tend to create confusion. Therefore, please pay special attention to the size in centimeters. At The Pet Empire, we have indicated these sizes almost everywhere to make it as convenient as possible for you.

Choose the right size

A standard size chart for dog breeds is not always correct, since every dog is different. In addition, the age of your dog plays a crucial role. The most reliable way to determine the right size for your dog is to measure him or her with measuring tape. We distinguish between two different sizes that are often needed. Amongst others, the length of your dog is essential when you buy a dog basket, dog pillow or dog bed. That way your dog can stretch out in the dog bed. Also, many dogs like to lie with their heads comfortably on the edge of the dog bed. Therefore, please consider height and material, which should not be too high for a tiny dog. Do you want to buy a dog collar in the right size? Then always accurately measure your dog's neck size.

Measure your dog's neck size before purchasing 

Before buying a dog collar, measure the neck size of your dog by using a flexible measuring tape starting at the widest point of the dog's neck. Usually, that is where the neck starts, near the shoulders. A dog collar must be fairly tight, but still, be comfortable. You will find the right size by putting two fingers between the measuring tape and the neck of your dog. Then check how many centimeters the measuring tape indicates and write it down. The size of a dog collar is measured from the first to the last hole. When buying a dog collar at The Pet Empire, look for the different sizes that are available. Our dog collars are available in a broad range of sizes, so there is a suitable piece for every dog. The neck size always consists of two numbers: the smallest possible neck size to the largest possible neck size. If your measured neck size is within the range of these two numbers, you have chosen the correct size.

Buy the right size dog basket, dog pillow or dog bed

For products that your dog wants to sleep in or lie on, you will need to measure different sizes. To determine the right size for a dog bed, pillow, basket or dog sofa, measure your dog from the nose to where the tail starts. For example, is your dog's length 75 centimeters? Choose a dog bed, basket or cushion of at least 80 centimeters in length or width. This way, your dog always has enough space to be able to lie down comfortably. Consider buying a size up if you are doubting if the product is too small. Also take into account the height of the raised edges, which can sometimes be too high for smaller dogs in order to still lie down comfortably.

With dog cushions the following sizes generally give the most comfort:

55 x 80 centimeters = small to medium-sized dogs up to 10 kilos
70 x 100 centimeters = medium to large dogs of 10 to 20 kilos
90 x 125 centimeters = larger dogs of 20 to 40 kilos

The dog that stretches out while sleeping.
Give them enough space! A dog bed or dog pillow is most desirable for this type of sleeper. If you choose a dog bed with a raised edge, choose a size that fits your dog even when it is stretching out.

The dog that likes to sleep curled up

These dogs love safety and cosiness. A raised edge can help them to lie comfortably against it. This can be both in a dog bed or dog basket.

The dog that partially sleeps with his body on a pillow

They really do exist! This dog enjoys a large sleeping space, so please give him that and do not limit him with a raised edge. He must always be able to put his head down outside the bed or his pillow.

The Pet Empire: unique handmade products

Have you determined the right size? Well done! To be sure, we would like to inform you, that almost all products sold at The Pet Empire are handmade. This makes each product unique and gives it charm and exclusivity, but sometimes it also means that the dimensions of some individual products may have a slight deviation.

Do you have any questions concerning the right size? Contact us and we will be happy to help you further. Ask a question or leave a callback request: [email protected]


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