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Not sure what the best size cat bed or litter box is for your cat or cat? Read all about choosing the right products on this page.


Not sure what the best size cat bed or litter box is for your cat or cat? Read all about choosing the right products on this page.

Choosing the right product for your cat

From kitten to big cat, there are big differences between cats. At The Pet Empire you will find a suitable product for every size cat and every breed of cat. Check out the information below for cats to choose the right product and find the right size cat beds, cat houses, cat baskets and litter boxes.

How does your cat prefer to sleep?

Cats love to pull back and sleep well. Cats also like to watch what is going on in the room from a high place. Cats need a nice, warm and cozy place in your living room. In any case, that is very important for cats, because they sleep for a large part of the day.

Young cats are real bon vivants and sleep up to 18 hours a day. During that time they do shorter and shorter light sleeps with a longer period of deep sleep. The rest of the time, your cat mainly fills with washing, eating and playing. From about five years old, they sleep a few hours less on average. A cat prefers to sleep in a nice and warm place. You will probably notice that your cat automatically finds the hottest places, such as on the windowsill above a radiator, in front of the (wood) stove or curled up against the edges of your sofa. Cats like a warm, high and nice soft sleeping place. The height is ideal as a lookout, offering protection and a safe feeling.

Especially when the sleeping place resembles a basket, hole or house, you do your cat a great favor. Take a look at our range of cat houses. A cat bed with raised edges is also ideal.

We have collected some advice and tips for you on what to look for when choosing cat items. This way you give him / her the ultimate place to retreat and relax!

7 tips to choose the right sleeping place for your cat

1. A sheltered place to sleep or not

Cats know that in nature they are small and vulnerable to predators, which is why cats instinctively prefer to sleep in a sheltered place, where they can 'hide' a bit. That gives your cat a safe feeling. If your cat likes to crawl under sheets or blankets, an extra sheltered place, such as a cat house, is a nice option. Your cat will be extra sheltered and will feel safe. Of course there are also cats who enjoy lying down on a cat cushion or cat bed.

2. Soft, comfortable & cozy

Your cat likes soft and warm above all so try to judge the new sleeping place especially from that point of view. In the summer, your cat has less need for a warm basket, so a more airy bed with a pillow can be a good idea. In winter, many cats like their basket a bit warmer and fluffier. Fill your basket with a nice soft cat blanket.

3. A washable sleeping place for your cat

Make sure that the cat cushion or the cat bed is in any case washable. In our collection you will only find washable cat baskets and blankets, read the washing instructions before washing. Wash the cat bed or cat pillow regularly and add a cat blanket for extra protection.

4. Choose the right size

Consider the size of your cat. Measure your cat's body from head to tail and add a few centimeters. This way you can be sure that your cat can not only relax rolled up, but also fully stretch. You can find the dimensions of the cat articles on the product pages.

How do I measure my cat's height?

To determine the correct size for a cat bed, cat house, cat bed or litter box, measure your cat from the nose to where the tail starts. Does your cat like to sleep stretched out? Keep this in mind and choose a larger basket or cat house.

5. A place to sleep that you also like

The comfort of your cat is of course very important, but the eye also wants something. So if possible, you should take into account the appearance of the cat bed or the pillow. After all, it is a piece of furniture that is part of your interior. All products that we carry in our collection fit perfectly with a beautiful interior, so you can involve your cat even better in your life. In addition, many cats also like to stay around you.

6. The accessibility of the sleeping place

Please note that it is important that your cat can easily get in and out of the new shelter. Especially for kittens and older cats, this can literally be a stumbling block. It is ideal if the edge is slightly lower at the entrance.

7. Sleeping position of your cat

Cats sometimes sleep in the strangest poses. Still rolling up, with the tail around it is the favorite position in cats. Other cats like to sleep stretched out on their bellies, or even on their backs. Take a good look at your cat's sleeping positions and then arrange for a cat house or cat bed that offers your cat enough space. Your cat's height is important for this.

The ideal size litter box

The ideal size litter box is approximately 1.5 times the length of your cat. You measure the length of your cat from nose to the base of the tail. All litter boxes we sell are suitable for large cat breeds. On the product pages you will find the size in centimeters of the litter boxes.

Determine the exact size via the product page

Because the exact sizes for the size indications XS, S, M, L and XL differ per manufacturer, at The Pet Empire you will find a table with the dimensions in centimeters on each product page. If you have your cat's measurements in centimeters to hand, you can easily determine the correct size. And do you still have questions? Feel free to mail our customer service via: [email protected].

Only the best products at The Pet Empire

As an exclusive cat shop, we want to offer you and your cat only the best of the best. We find craftsmanship, durability and top quality very important. So you will only find cat items from the best brands, with products and comfortable cat baskets, litter boxes and cat items designed by top designers.

Our cat baskets and pillows are 100% orthopedic and offer the right support. All cat items fit seamlessly into a beautiful interior. You really involve your cat in your living room! A cat house or cat pillow in the right size guarantees a comfortable cat sleep and a happy cat. In our exclusive pet shop you will find a nice matching product for every cat and interior!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask us a question and email our customer service at: [email protected].


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