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How do you choose the right size for your puppy? Read all about choosing the right product on this page.


How do you choose the right size for your puppy? Read all about choosing the right product on this page.

Choosing the right size for your puppy

Have you decided to purchase a product from our exclusive collection of puppy baskets, puppy pillows, puppy beds, puppy collars or other dog accessories? Then you can be sure that you buy a product with a beautiful design and of good and durable quality.

Of course it would be a shame if the size of the product is not the right one and your pup has too much or too little space. The right size is therefore important, especially with puppy collars and puppy baskets. That is why we always recommend that you measure your dog before ordering.

Because the size markings for puppies such as XXS, XS, S, M, and L to XL differ among manufacturers, using these standard size markings sometimes creates some confusion. Therefore, pay particular attention to the size in centimeters. To make it as easy as possible for you, you'll find these sizes at The Pet Empire on every product page.

How do you determine the right size for your puppy?

A standard size chart with dog breeds is not always accurate, because every dog ​​is different. Your dog's age also plays a role. The most reliable way to determine the correct size for your dog is to measure with a tape measure.

We distinguish four different sizes that you often need when purchasing products for your puppy:

  1. Collars - The neck circumference
  2. Beds and baskets - The length
  3. Feeders and Bowls - Height at the withers (shoulder height)
  4. Clothing - The waist circumference

When buying a puppy basket, pillow or bed, the length of your puppy is important. For the purchase of a dog collar, the neck circumference is relevant and when buying a drinking or feeding bowl, the height at the withers and size of your puppy plays a major role. Since puppies often get cold quickly in winter and appreciate a neck warmer or dog sweater, measure your puppy's belly circumference.

1. Collar: Measure your pup's neck size (neck circumference)

A dog collar should be fairly tight, yet comfortable. Before buying a dog collar, measure your dog's neck size (neck size). This is easiest with a flexible measuring tape.

How to proceed: Measure the neck at the widest point. That's usually where the neck starts, near the shoulders. When measuring, insert two fingers between the tape measure and your dog's neck. Then check how many centimeters you end up with.

Is your puppy already wearing a collar? Then measuring the neck circumference is very easy. Place the collar on a flat surface and measure the area between the buckle and the hole you use most. This is the size you keep when you order a new collar from The Pet Empire.

With all The Pet Empire dog collars, you simply select the correct size when ordering. Is the measured neck circumference within the range of the two indicated numbers? Then you have chosen the right size. The size of a dog collar is measured from the first to the last hole.

2. Puppy bed: measure the length of a puppy

To determine the correct size dog bed, dog bed or dog cushion, the length of your dog is the number you need. But how do you measure a dog? To determine the correct size for a dog bed, dog cushion, dog bed or dog sofa, measure your dog from the nose to where the tail starts.

That way your dog can stretch or stretch out in the basket. Also consider the height and material of the edge. Many dogs like to lie comfortably with their heads on the edge. It should not be too high for a small dog.

Sleeping position

Please note: your puppy's sleeping method also plays a role in choosing the right size. Some puppies prefer to stretch completely when they sleep, like to sleep curled up or just with part of their body on a bed, basket or pillow.

The puppy that stretches completely when he sleeps.
Give them space! A dog bed or dog cushion is desirable for this type of sleeper. When you choose a dog bed with a raised edge, choose a size that your dog fits well with a stretched head.

The puppy who likes to sleep curled up.
These dogs love to be snug and safe and have a raised edge to snuggle against. This can be a bed or a basket.

The puppy that only sleeps with a part of his body on a pillow.
They're there! His sleeping place cannot be big enough. Give him space and do not limit it by a raised edge, he must always be able to put his head outside the bed or pillow.

When in doubt, a size larger is always recommended. Also take into account the height of the raised edges, which can sometimes be on the high side, especially for puppies, in order to lie comfortably.

Puppies seek security and warmth

A puppy feels best in a not too large basket, in which he can snuggle up against the soft fabric of a high edge. This gives warmth and a great sense of security and safety. Puppies' favorite sleeping position is the spherical shape. They curl up nicely and sleep very well that way. Puppies also sleep a lot in the first months. A well-fitting puppy basket is therefore very important. Puppy baskets are generally easy to take off and washable.

Orthopedic and ergonomic dog bed

All puppy baskets and puppy pillows in The Pet Empire range are 100% orthopedic and provide the correct support to your pup's body. Buying an ergonomic puppy cushion online at The Pet Empire means that your puppy can go through life with a good lying position! With an orthopedic puppy bed you prevent annoying back problems.

3. Food and water bowls: measure shoulder height (height at the withers) in a puppy

To determine the correct food bowl that fits the size of your puppy, measure the shoulder height or height at the withers. Based on that length, you know how high you place the food and water bowl.

Here's how to do it: Place your dog on a straight surface and then measure from the ground to the highest point of the shoulder blade. You can find that point by looking at the highest point of the body as soon as your dog lowers his head to the ground.

Eating behavior of puppies

The ideal eating and drinking height for dogs. Dogs like to eat at a height that suits their size. But what is the correct height? Measured from the dog's shoulders, you can maintain the following ideal eating and drinking height:

Tip: when choosing a good drinking or feeding bowl for your puppy, also pay attention to the height of the rim.

  • Dogs with a short snout - Low brim
  • Dogs with a long snout - High or low brim is both good
  • Gobbling dogs - A size bigger or food bowl with raised edges in the bowl

4. Puppy sweater or coat: measure the waist circumference

Do you see your puppy starting to shiver? That is not always enthusiasm, but often a sign that your dog is cold. Puppies are still low in fat, making them more sensitive to cold, wind and rain. Does your puppy get cold quickly, or do you want to give your little roommate some extra warmth in winter? With a good puppy sweater or puppy coat you can easily take care of that. Short-haired puppies or dogs that are transported outside in a travel bag, in particular, get cold quickly. In the rain, long-haired puppies quickly get cold, because the layer of wet hair ensures quick cooling. In short, an extra layer of puppy clothing is really advisable in inclement weather conditions.

With the puppy clothes in our range, you can dress your puppy in fashion and enjoy a lovely warm dog sweater or comfortable puppy jacket. Is your puppy sensitive to cold? Then we recommend that you put on a dog sweater, neck warmer or dog coat at a temperature below 8 degrees Celsius. That ensures that your puppy stays nice and warm when you go outside together. Special dog coats not only keep your dog warm, but also protect against moisture, rain and dirt.

Tip: a dog coat or sweater in a bright color also makes your puppy extra visible in the dark!

How do I measure my puppy's belly circumference?

To choose the right size of dog sweater or dog coat, you need your puppy's belly circumference. You can easily determine the belly circumference of your puppy with a measuring tape or a piece of rope. Make sure your puppy is stationary and place the tape measure around the chest. You do this where the circumference of the abdomen is the largest. Usually that is the spot just behind the front legs. Do you use a rope to measure? After measuring, place the rope along a ruler or tape measure to determine the exact size.

When choosing a dog sweater or dog coat for your puppy, the recorded size should fall between the range of the two numbers indicated. With each product you will find the size in centimeters at The Pet Empire. The first number represents the smallest possible waist circumference, the second number the largest possible circumference.

Determine the exact size via the product page

Because the exact sizes for the size indications XS, S, M, L and XL differ per manufacturer, you will find a table with the dimensions in centimeters on each product page at The Pet Empire. If you have your dog's measurements in centimeters to hand, determining the correct size is very easy. If you have any questions after reading this page, please email us at: [email protected].

The Pet Empire: unique handmade products

Have you determined the right size? Entirely right! However, we would like to inform you to be sure that almost all products that are selected and sold at The Pet Empire are made with the utmost care and are handmade. That makes each product unique and gives it charm and exclusivity, but sometimes also means that the sizes of some individual products may have a slight deviation.


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